Tony Quinn, His photo world

Three mice

Under construction

Fro patrol

Rare flying green frogs

Wine glow

Cocktail glasses, Los Angeles, California.11/19/2011

Empty Stadium

Upper level of RFK Stadium, in Washington D.C.

Come clean

Sink with faucets

The light at the end of the tunnel

Leaving the Washington D.C. metro system at Dupont Circle

Bubbles and blobs

HDR image of water at the base of a fountain


Simple shot of outdoors floodlights

Wet Feet

Splish splash, Millennium Park, Chicago


Garage mirror at night.

Pointing the way

Finger across the bar.


Rain drops on a metal surface

Top deck

Evening shadows on the top deck of RFK Stadium in Washington D.C.

Resting in the park

Flat out, huge outdoor sculptures, Chicago.


COLUMBUS, OHIO - SEPTEMBER 11, 2012: Fans of the USA MNT during the Jamaica game at a CONCACAF 2014 World Cup qualifying match at Crew Stadium, in Columbus, Ohio on September 11. USA won 1-0.


Stormy skies above a building

Good price

Store dummies reduced



Pig Face

Chinese butcher shop, Shanghai

Lines in Martian crater

Reflection of a metal railing on a wall

Blue waters

Swirling water at the base of a fountain


At the bar, TGI Fridays

The secret sign


Out of Focus

Sitting sipping coffee, King St, Toronto, my shirt looks pretty.

Native Americans

Cigar store window display

Rain at the seaside

Sunday in Fort Lauderdale, wasn't pleasant, view from my breakfast seat.

Look right

Bicyclist through a fountain seen, Georgetown, Washington DC.

Screwed in tight

Faucet on the wall.

A nearby planet

Small ornamental globe in a garden


Manipulated view of the glass wall of an office building


Window display at night

Lost boy

Cartoon character on the street, in his undies

Ten Fifteen

Late night time

Shooting the Skyhawks

A rainy morning in Nashville, March 30, 2011.

Hot and Cold

Menu board in the Newcastle Arms, Rothbury, England

Three blowers

On the roof of a church in Whitley Bay, Tyne Wear

Knock twice

Door detail, Charleston, South Carolina

Got to fix that!

Shot many years ago, but amusing

Explorer overhead

Space shuttle passes over me.

Fag ends

Got to quit

Sky writing

Jet trails blown by the wind

Come in

Entrance to Luna Park amusement Park in Killibilli, Australia

Doll in the sky

Avia leaps high


Outdoor art

Seat back


Pirate cove

One too many. Draft beer handle, Elephant and Castle, Washington D.C.

Incheon Airport

Korean coffee.

Neon Window



Northumberland coast.


Detail of a metal fountain


Water sprinkler caught in the morning light

Guitarv player

The wall.

All the ships at sea

Still life with boat. Sitting in the Wooden Doll pub, in North Shields, England on a quiet after, when this still life evolved. The ferry is heading off to Norway.

Bubble people

Blowing bubbles in a park

The magic forest

Deep, deep in the folds of Dumbarton Oaks, in Washington D.C dwells this mystical place.

Lights, again and again

Soccer stadium sideline advertising boards reflected on the field.

One green bottle

Bottle in the window, up close


Slow exposure shot of a jet of water

Red ball unter blue

Abstract, colours and shapes


Water spray

Shadows on the rose

Rose in a frozen glass


Mr Happy Face

Let there be light

HDR pic of a ceiling.

The way is red

Urban river

Nude with a bow and arrrow

Philadelphia museum of art

Lost at sea 1852


Jets of water

The Pavement is wet.

Fountain run off

Cold Bull

Bulls in the fridge.

Midnight Express

Newark Penn Station. 3:15 am.


WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 20, 2012: The last day. A photographic essay, wherein the principals meet, talk, pack and leave. DC United.

Tin Pots

Street art, Whitley Bay

Wave your flag

Banner bearer waves the Maryland flag at the Maryland v Virginia basketball game, College Park, Maryland

Techno Colour

The magic wall. My secret garden.


That's the way.

Razor backs

Mountain Range in my mind

Nuts n Bolts


Up and Down

Exercising on stairs down to the Potomac from Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Stone Face

Statues in an estate garden

AD Astra

A Good Head

Macro shot of a beer.

Figure Head

Ship's figure head marooned on the side of a barn.

North Beach Time

Clock on a small pier in North Beach, maryland.


Wooden slats on a chair

Almost Twenty.

Side of an office building.

Wheelling in backwards!

Street sign


Shots through the side of a black van, gave off interesting reflections and contrasts.


Outside the White House.

Steel Rails

The view from Amtrak train 162, March 16 2013.

On the job learning.

I talked to his supervisor, she thought he would be up to speed within the week.


In the style of Speer



Cracked Glass

Urban Outfitters store window.

Hot Metal

Metal sculpture

Wisconsin Avenue.

Wisconsin Avenue under the Whitehurst Freeway in Georgetown, Washington D.C.


Instagram shot of the steering wheel of my Yaris under street lights.

Stella at sunset.

Nick's outdoor bar, Washington Harbour, Georgetown.

Vin Blanc

Wine glaas at an outdoor bar.

Wet metal

Outdoor cafe seating, condition: wet.


Detail. Millenium Bridge, Newcastle-Gateshead.

Blue light special

Blue light from the deck of a beach bar, overlooking the caribbean Sea.

Coming up for air.

Avia, my constant travel partner, deep diving in the Cayman Islands.

Long Shadows

Wilson Bridge from Jones Point Park, Alexandria

Silver Waters

Fountain details


Abandoned Building at Henryton Sanitorium in Marriottsville, Maryland


The Green Door

Abandoned building on the grounds of the Henryton Sanitorium, in Marriottsville, Maryland.


Man on a plinth

Statue of Lafayette in Washington D.C.

Hanging Legs

Legs hanging from the porch of a house in Takoma Park.

Poetry Stand

One of many poetry stands in Takoma Park, Maryland.


Bill posted on a utility pole.

Three Orange Eyes

Paintings in a studio.

The building is tilting

Office building in Washington D.C.

Lunch on display

Turkey club.

Ghastly, ghostly

Halloween store window display

Foot in the door.

Mannequin, Alexandria store.

Happy Spooky Day!

images in the window of a studio.

Instructions for entrance

Locked and closed


Stairs leading to a basement, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Westward Ho.

Replica of a US Army covered wagon


Memorial to Private Quinn, Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

Orange face

November 09 2013: Mascot of Syracuse University in an ACC football game against Maryland at Byrd Stadium, in College Park, Maryland. Syracuse won 20-3.

Silo, white.

Industrial silo, Air Power, at the rear of 4707 Hollins Ferry Road, Landsdowne, Maryland, stark,

Let there be light.

Lamp post shoot with a 10mm lens.

A long climb up

Wide angled shot of an outside staircase

Hand me a pint.

Two glassses of lager beer.

De Barcelona

Spanish draught beer pump.

Transport, locked

Bicycle chained to a fence, processed in Topaz Labs Adjust 5.

Hot coals

A place to put your barbeque charcole

Ghostly singers

Leningrad Cowboys performers

The door to the Pood Shop

Pood Shop? in Tallinn, Estonia

Construction gone wrong

building under construction in Tallinn, Estonia

Sweet treats

Ice cream parlor in Clearwater beach, Florida

Wall art

Wall art deep in a small park in Edinburgh, Scotland

Coke Cap

Coke cap on a suit of armor



In profile



Good idea, Newcastle, England.

Gods Eye View

Man looking at a mural of Manhattan in Frankfurt, Germany

Black dots


Modern Art

Detail, chair at Tailisin West, Phoenix.

Turning a heel

Walking in Heidelberg, Germany

Drop Dead

The end, funeral parlour, Whitley Bay, England


Friendly bee, souvenir shop, Penarth, Wales


Statue in Heidelberg, Germany


Sign in Nurnberg, Germany

Behind the yellow roof.

I see you. Washington D.C.

One big eye

Detail, clown, Luna Park amusement Park, Sydney, Australia.

By the numbers

Seen in Frankfurt, Germany, figure it out yet?

Only a rose.

Table in a restaurant, Heidelberg, Germany.

Well...what else would you call a toilet in Kansas?

Inscription spyied on a toilet seat in Kansas City, Kansas. Yes, Dorothy, it is true.


A corner of an ornamental pool in a hotel lobby

Shapes and bars

Reflections of Christmas decorations on a shiny floor

Beaux Arts

Detail, Chester Station (former power station)


Rear of a bus belonging to the University of Maryland.


Crane and derrick


Hoist on the power station

Chester Station

Old power station converted to offices.

Scarf n Ale

Torino football scarf and a pint of ale

Queen and friends


Blue Steps


Casual wear

A tie and a button

On the sidewalk

Lookinfg down, you sometimes find the unusual.


A cool drink

Masked glasses

Glasses behind a bar


Clean urinals


Lamp on a bar in an hotel

Going down

Stairs to the River Tyne, Newcastle.

Good advise

Pub sign, North Shields


Reflections on the sidewalk.


Window, Queens Head hotel, Rothbury, Northumberland.

Three hands, six pints

Lunch, Holy Island pub.

An English breakfast.

Lindisfarne Hotel breakfast.

Melting snow

Snow on the hood of a car.

Poor man's condo

River view condo.


Well, I know you have all been wondering what happened to Avia, she went back to China for a while, but has been back here for quite some time now, however, with the rotten weather hasn't been out too much. Today was lovely and she wanted to go out and feed the squirrels, usually my job, but she did it today, and here she is feeding old Walter's son. So sweet. ι‚£δΉˆη”œθœœ

From the pointy end.

Tomcat fighter on the deck of USS Yorktown.


Folded wing of a plane on an aircraft carrier.


Plane and wires


A warehouse

China 119.

An abandoned soccer stadium, Tienjin, China.


Guinness downed.


Frayed ends of a net on a soccer goalpost